#teamcarrmill Attendance Rewards

At school we work tirelessly to improve attendance and develop both pupils and parent understanding as to why attending school is important.

Spend or Save Attendance Challenge

Have you heard about our exciting weekly attendance challenge? Each week our children work hard to be the class with the best attendance in EYFS & KS1 or KS2 – which earns them (if they achieve above 96%) £10! Classes can they choose to spend or save their winnings! Celebrating attendance in this way allows for a competitive approach to be utilised but ensures that individuals are not penalised in public for their absences. An example of this is that if a child is absent due to Covid or a long-term medical condition, they are not included in their class percentage.

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We have noted that our attendance challenge has resulted in our children developing a greater understanding of the attendance process.
This was highlighted at the end of the Autumn term when one of our Senior Students, Mason Highcock, wrote a letterto Mr Maley detailing some discrepancies he had found in the system and its resulting outcomes. Mason was provided with copies of the weekly attendance data for the Autumn term and conducted a thorough audit! The conclusion being that some classes were awarded an additional £10 prize. Mason himself earnt his class an additional £10 for his superb detective skills!
Whilst most classes continue to save up their winning towards a larger treat, some have started to spend some of their earnings.
Class 9 enjoyed a festive film afternoon
Class 4 enjoyed some special order sweets

Spot Prizes

We like to keep things exciting so occasionally offer out an attendance spot prize. Olisa in Class 7 earned his class an additional £5 for their class bank when he was chosen as ‘secret student’ and completed the challenge of maintaining 100% attendance across the week. 



10 Day Challenge

We often challenge our children to successfully maintain 100% attendance during a 10 days challenge. Children who complete this challenge go into a draw to win a special class prize.

Before October half, an incredible 204 children achieved a perfect score, resulting in a significant improvement to our weekly attendance percentage.





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