English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. At Carr Mill, we teach our children to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them.

Through reading in particular, children have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Literature plays a key role in such development. Reading also enables our children to both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know.

We believe all the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society!


I am Miss Mackenzie and I lead English at Carr Mill. I love reading! I read everything there is to read. 

Secure English skills are essential for progress across the curriculum and to prepare pupils effectively for adult life.  We have a responsibility to develop pupils’ competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening in their own subjects and to ensure that pupils become competent users of language, and can access the curriculum effectively and achieve their potential. 

We provide a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, which takes account of National Curriculum requirements and recognises the individual developmental needs of our children.  Furthermore, the individual experiences and cultures that the children bring to school are celebrated and key in engaging and inspiring them to become curious learners.  The environments that we provide are ‘language rich’, ensuring that a plethora of vocabulary is taught across all subjects.  Reading is at the core of the English Curriculum, we immerse pupils in the wonders of quality texts to create a love for reading and therefore,  a love of writing.

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