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At Carr Mill Primary School, the children and their learning are at the very heart of every decision made.

We will help the children to develop an emotional literacy and will encourage them to identify the differences between emotions and behaviours. They will make up their own minds and be ready to accept responsibility for what they do.


My name is Mrs Alexander and I am the PHSE/Paths & RSE Subject Lead at Carr Mill Primary School. I am passionate about PHSE & RSE and its importance to shape our children of today through offering them a curriculum which reflects the challenges of modern Britain and equips them with the tools to develop and flourish in an increasingly complex yet exciting world. I understand our responsibility to deliver a high-quality and evidenced based relationships and health curriculum for all of our pupils. 

To ensure that learning is meaningful, we also offer a range of CPD opportunities for all staff and have a culture of sharing knowledge across our staff team and our partnership. Through this collective learning, I am proud that our team is able to ‘guide, challenge and achieve’ to ensure that all members of our community strive to be the best that they can be

With this in mind, we have carefully chosen the way in which we teach PSHE: Paths and through set units with carefully sequenced lessons and also integrating them into other subjects, such as science to give context. We have listened to the needs of our community and tailored a curriculum which suits the needs of our pupils here at Carr Mill. We ensure that our curriculum supports the personal and pastoral needs of our pupils, teaching sensitively and inclusively ensuring that we respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of our pupils and parents, with the aim of equipping pupils with the knowledge needed to become competent citizens in Modern Britain.  

As said above, Paths is our main route in delivering our PSHE curriculum.  It is taught twice per week as per the programme in 2x 20 minute slots. 

In addition to this we also have created specific units of work that will supplement the PATHS curriculum and ensure that our PSHE offer is as substantial as it can be.  These units are mapped out across the year and can be seen via our PSHE Long term planner and embeds all of the statutory elements from the Relationships education and Health Education. You can these these on the Knowlege and skills oplanner (KSP) below. We use the PSHE association schemes of work to get our objectives from, which ensures we have a good coverage. 

In order to provide a clear context for some of our elements we incorporate these into our science  curriculum too. These are identifed on the science and PSHE KSP.

There is a clear cross over in terms of e safety and online behaviour and so we teach this across both the computing and PSHE curriculums.  Again you can see these on our KSPs. 

Also below you can see the safeguarding in our curriculum document.  This is reviewed annually and completed with our Student leadership team.  This outlines all the main safeguarding elements and how we will ensure we meet these expectations in keeping our children safe in our PSHE curriculum.


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